back from LCA

Well LCA was over a week ago now. I am still comming down from all the excitement, and fun I had.

In the first couple of days I went to Debian Mini Conf, which was very interesting. They spoke of alot of Debian matters, and some interesting topics such as linda to check debian packages. Also Keith Packard spoke of the amature rocket project that he is involved in. Basically Debian Unstable at Marc 3.

The first day of the main conference I spent in a full day session with Rasmus Lerdorf who is the author of php. A lot of really good insite into php and I works out how I am going to my php redback gateway. From this session I managed to score myself a 1G usb thumb drive. this was pretty cool.

On day 2 the key note was from tridge who is the author of Samba. Also during this I won myself a brand new IBM X40. This was pretty cool. As soon as the session was over I exercised it of it deamons (Windows is gone) and installed ubuntu linux. Sitting beside me during this see how well this network install was going was Mark Shuttleworth who is a debian developer, a visitor to the Internation Space Station, and the main person behind ubuntu linux.

Day 3 was not as interesting but there were some good sessions. I fixed one thing that I didn't like about ubuntu linux, and got rid of Gnome and installed KDE. I find it a little cleans and takes less screen than Gnome.

Day 4, was also interesting in that they sent out for 400 pizzas to be delivered. This was really cool. One of the last seesions was the session on linux suspend2 which was very interesting and will be one job that I will be doing to my NEC laptop as soon as I can. the very last session was the best of session with Bdale Garbee, the CTO for linux at HP, talking about amature radio and how you can actually record all the stations at once and then split off the signals for each station. Pretty cool.