bit of an update

Well I have been very busy laterly. I have had a client going live with a online order entry, which is working great.  I have also managed to find some time to update the web site as well.

I have made a couple of updates such as I have changed all the theme of the site so I can make some really cool backend changes that I have been working on. Now the web site is using a phptemplate theme which is extremely cool, and makes things alot easier to modify. I did however need to use the sucky phptemplate menu system for the primary menu, but with the change to phptemplate I will be able to use the drupal menus to handle the primary menus and also maybe able to get rid of the navtree menu. I will still be using the phplayersmenu to render the tree menu on the side, but instead of having a module to specifically do this, I will be able to call phplayersmenu directly from the theme.

The other major change is that I am no longer using htmlarea for the wysiwyg editor, but instead using Xinha which is much more stable than htmlarea. I am still in the process of getting some functions work such as the upload image and upload document.