bits and pieces

Spectrum International Conference

Well it has been an interesting week. I had my presentation at the International Spectrum Conference last week. I felt that it went ok, but I couldn't follow my plan of attack that I wanted to use, as the setup of the presentation rooms really didn't allow for it. So I had to do a last minute re-planning of my presentation so that I present more on the fly as I was really unable to read from my script that I has prepared.

I also had a few issues with my laptop, in that because it is a wide screen (1200x800) and I haven't really been able to get Xinerama working properly with the i810 so I couldn't get the projector to work properly. Luckly Open Office I was able to put the presentation into a windowed mode so that it would only display in the window and then I resized the window to the size of the projectors image which was smaller than my screen.


Well laterly has has been a little terror. Sarah and I are not quite sure what to do, but I would really wich that he wouldn't start the day at 5:30am. I don't get up for work until 6:30 so it is a really pain.


Yesterday morning was quite funny. When I went into pick her up, I found that she had gotten turned around and moved away from the light and was under her blanets at the bottom of bed. I sort of had to pull her out by the legs.

I do have some more pictures of the kids that I need to upload so I will do this asap.