Christmas is over

Well I had a very busy and interesting Christmas. I think that the 3 days before Christmas I only got about 10 hours sleep.

22 Dec - I had to pick my sisters up from the airport at midnight, and because I had not seen Tarsha for a couple of years we stayed up  and chatted anf caught up. It was ok for her as they had come from Perth which is 3 hours behind Melbourne.

23 Dec - I got woken up early by the kids and I had to do some work. I really didn't get much done. That night we all went off to Lion King, which was great. We were up in the nose bleed section but still we could see everything really well. Except Sarah did have a stupid woman in front of her which kept on moving backwards and forth.

24 Dec - Once again I got woken up early. I was starting to be a bit of a Zombie. During the day I didn't get much done, and I dropped my sisters off at the airport for their trip back to New Zealand. Once we go the kids to bed we then needed to put out all the presents and set up the darn swings. 3am on Christmas morning we were just finishing. These kids better like this.

By the time it got though to Christmas night both Sarah and I were shattered. I hope that other people had a good Christmas.