Christmas Update

Well another Christmas has come and gone. As Christmas' go this one was quite good. We gave Xander a push bike, which he is starting to get really quite good.

The biggest problem is that KMart then had a recall on his bike so we had to take it back. We did get a new one, which is just about as good, but for him to learn on it will be just fine.

We gave Sam a little tikes car which is quite good. She gets in it and at the moment she only goes backwards but she will get it. The good this is that we can put in a floor and a handle so we can push her along in it. This has turned out quite good because we have started to walk a little, so Xander can ride his bike, and Sam gets pushed along.

After Christmas my lovely wife got me my best pressy. She got me a Sony Ericsson P910i, which is really cool. I am still learning to use it, and entering all me data into it. But I am getting there.

The most mind blowing thing that happened to me on the Christmas/New Year period was that I made contact with my father after 32 Years. We had a good chat on New Years Eve, and exchanged details. We are plaing to keep in contact and hopefully meet in the next couple of months.