E-Commerce store module

Well I have done a bit of work this weekend on building updating ecommerce to use the new forms api. The store module is basically complete now. However I do need to refactor some of the methods of doing things such as the admin/store so that it can uses the new _validate() and _submit() functions to do the updating.

Using these will be a lot nicer that the current method.

I still need to find someone to convert the product module, this will need a large amount of refactoring esp because of how the wizard works. Maybe I should find out about the wizardapi that was created for the drupal installer. I do hope I can find someone as this is going to be a big change.

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I can give you some tips on getting the wizard thing going. the old wizard api hasn't been updated for drupal 4.7 yet, and there's one patch outstanding that is still making node wizards quite hard. (node forms are the most hard-coded forms in all of drupal).


- adrian (/vertice)