filestore and fscache update

I have been quite busy with some work laterly, but I was muching around with acidfree which looks like a cool (if I can every get the bloody thing to work), and noticed that it was linked with a module called filemanager. Now filemanager from my brief look, seems to do everything that I want fscache to do and more.

So with a bit more playing and I think that I am going to change filestore2 to use filemanager instead of fscache. I need to do a lot of work on both filestore2 and fscache to bring it upto scratch for Drupal 4.7, but with a few minor changes I should be able to link it into filemanager and leave fscache behind.

If all goes well I may even do this for 4.6 and backport filestore2.

At this stage it is going to be a few weeks, and I am hoping to catch on some of my projects during the Christmas break, which will be fun. 

my projects: 


Any change to filestore2?

I am excited that you are working on filestore2 and hopefully backporting to 4.6.  Also, congratulations on taking over the e-commerce module.   That's great.


I have a few feature requests for filestore2, and I hope you will indulge me.   First,  I would like to use a simple upload field for other modules, most particularly flexinode, so that I can customize what my file-upload forms look like and the node-types associated with them.  Second, I would like to be able to have the taxonomy of my file node determine what physical directory the file is ultimately stored in.

These are features that would be most appreciated, if not in filestore2, than in another module.  Just throwing some ideas at you-- I hope you don't mind.