great problems with cvs

Well over the past couple of days I have had great fun with the what is labeled as the 4.7 download of E-Commerce on

What happened is that someone taged a contrib module as 4.7 and then d.o now thinks that there is a 4.7 version and creating basically a empty archive.

If you want to give 4.7 a try download the cvs version of E-Commerce and give it a go.

The more testers we have the better it will be.

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Subproduct attributes

Hi there, I've been using the CVS version of the eCommerce modules as of March 12, 2006. I am very interested in subproducts and apparel. Although I have no SQL errors and I can edit the subproduct attributes I can't actually see these attributes on the normal product view. I have also noticed the subproducts.js file isn't loaded either. Any suggestions or comments would be very helpful! cheers, Graham