Javascript... treehuggin, hippie crap

I have been doing some javascript programming to enable the input form to be more intuitive, and allow for faster entry... Well if it wasn't IE, it was Mozilla giving me problems.

I just hope that the next generation of browsers have the same backend, which means that if it works in one it will work in all.

Mozilla has a very good javascript implementation I would really like to see other browsers take that one and use it, including Microsoft. Yes Bill you can use this without having to give the entire source to IE, and you get all this W3C DOM code free of charge and you just need to create a form of segration between the Mozilla code and IE and you would be right.

No One like propritory standards, and the amount of crap that web developers need to go thru is total bull shit, and people are more educated now and believe in choice.

Well that is my incoherant ravings for the day.