librbo update

Well, I haven't been doing too much on librbo, I started looking at creating a binding to php, but I have run into a few problems. I have gotten myself a book, but I haven't had too much time to proceed.

One thing that I have been going to investigating how to implement this, and one thing that I want is to make this as deployable as possible. So by creating an extension for php is going to make it a little dificult to create a connection with most hosting companies. In realising this I decided that I would create an object in php where initially I would do with a dependance on the curl extension, and then later add an interface using the socket extension if the curl extension is not there.

I will model the object on the redbeans object but make it smart enough so that if you have the librbo extension it will use that or it will down size to using curl or the socket interface.

The major advantage that this will have over any of the other interfaces that are available for RedBack, is that I will be making use of php arrays, and nested arrays.

An example of this would be:-

VAR<1,1> = $VAR[0][0]

and I hope to expand the setProperty() so that you can pass an array of values and they will get set into properites in 1 go. This means that an input form can be posted to any array, and straight into RedBack

One thing I would like to know is if there is anyone wanting to use php to access RedBack, please contact me, and I will then raise the priority to get it done.

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