my trip to the hospital

Hopitals Smiley 

Sometimes you really have to hate hospital waiting lists. I have to go to Hospital to get a couple of lumps removed and last Monday I finally thought that it was going to happen.

Last Monday was actually a good day for me to do this, as Melbourne Cup was the next day and so I only had to take off a single day.

So last Monday after staving all morning and then going through the hasle of getting all signed in. I was then told that my operation had been cancelled. What made it worst was that they had a no show, and didn't get slotted into there.

So after getting mucked around and stuff I am booked in for the 14th to try this again. I hope that this time things don't get stuffed up.

Sams Birthday

On a slightly better note, Samantha will be turning 2 next Sunday. She has already had a bit of a party last Friday when Sarah and the kids had a bit of a party with play group, so we are not going to be doing much.

 The one thing we are going to do is go to the Whittlesea Show which is similar to the Royal Melbourne Show except it doesn't cost as much.

I know that this year I have been really slack with pictures, but I am wanting to get the pictures up as soon as I can.