my weekend

Well last weekend was fun. It started on Thursday when we had a power outage which my little firewall/mail server did really like too much. Basically it wouldn't come back up at all. When I got home that night I managed to get it back up and running, but the hard drive was dead!

With all my mail on the harddrive, I was not feeling very good about this, and I have been having problems with my backup tapes so I was not too sure how much of my mail I had. I did work out on Friday that I had it all as I had evolution copy all my mail for off line reading, so I just put evolution offline, and copied it all to a local folder. I was safe.

Back on Thursday night I needed to get the firewall back up and running, so I managed to find a old 40G hd which I installed and started loading Debian onto. It took me most of the night to get the firewall back up and the network going, but I was able to get all the machines back on the net and a firewall in place by Friday morning.

The next big step was to get the mail back up and running. As I had a new wiz bang server with raid, and dual processor, and lots of nice redundancy things I decided to install my mail on this, instead of my firewall. This was fine and it took me a couple of hours to get all configured up and running. The biggest problem was to re-install and configure dspam.

DSpam is the best spam filter I have ever used. The first time that I had installed it, it took ages to get it installed and working right. I didn't really have this much time, and thankfully dspam is now so much more configurable and easy to install than what it was. Also with the new dspam wiki, getting version 3.4.2 going with postfix was considerable easier.

Also because of the updates to dspam I was also able to configure dspam without having to build any custom scripts. I was about to call it directly from within postfix, and it is working great. Also with the unified spam address I was also able to configure up the retaining address without any additional scripts as well.

After alot of testing and tweaks to the configurations I had all the mail, dspam, cgi and fetchmail all working and started it downloading the mail from the last few days. Close to 700 messages later with spam included, a little retraining, and the spam is starting to slow down. It has actually trained very well, as I have so far not had any false-positives.

DSpam is just a great spam filter, and with a slogon of "Go ahead, send me Viagra", you just can't lose. I am also very hard on email, and a don't stuff up my email address when I post it, I even go as far as adding anchor with mailto's so it is easy for people to send me mail, as well as easy for the spam to get my address, but my mail is usable. From the dspam stats about 40% of my mail is spam, and I am lucky it I get more than a half a dozen missed spams a week. Sarah has even better stats with 90% of her mail is spam, and she has about the same rate of misses as me. These stats were from a very old version, about v3.0, so I am expecting better things with 3.4