A new way to look at revisions

Over the last couple of months I have been working on creating a better way of review changes between revisions of content. I have now got to a stage where I want people to take a look at it, and make any comments.

As you can see from the screen shot, it produces an output that is similar to the track changes in word, it will make it real easy to process your submission queue as you can see exactly what has changed.

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very interested :: Can't make it work

How do you install it, and get it operational? I see it in the modules area, and have it checked, but it won't produce the visual revision indicators, colors strikethroughs etc.

Any Help would be appreciated.




Will test it out

Hi Gordon, I was completely unaware that you were doing this work. It looks very promising and I promise to try it out as soon as possible, as I am very interested in having functionality like this.


Robert Douglass

This looks really useful

There is a "feature request" thread on this subject at http://drupal.org/node/15596 which led someone to point me (clairem on drupal) to your excellent work here.

What you've done seems great, and there's obviously a lot if hard work gone into it already. It's obviously near-complete, and I can't find any bugs.

But I hope you don't mind me being very cheeky and suggesting some changes to how it is implemented.

As far as I can see, what it does is that when in "view" mode, it compares the revision being viewed with the revision which has been set as the "revision anchor".

To my mind, it would be more intuitive to do this through one of these methods, both of which would leave "view" mode to view the page as it currently is.

A) directly through the "revisions" tab. One of the things I didn't like about your current setup was that if I went to edit the revision which I was viewing, I found myself editing not the revision itself, but the annotated version of the revision. I found that a nuisance.

Under the revisions tab, I would envisage a checkbox beside each revision listed, and text to invite the user to check any two revisions, and press a "compare button"

B) Do it through a separate "compare" tab, which would be displayed where where two or more revisions exist, again with a checkbox beside each revision listed, and text to invite the user to check any two revisions, and press a "compare button".

Obviously, in either case there would need to be check that the user had actually selected two buttons and not 0,1,3,4 etc -- unless I have misunderstood the module, and it is capable of comparing two or more revisions.

Option B seems to me to be probably easier to implement, because it ought to involve less patching of the node module.

Then when the comparison is displayed, instead of using bold text, I would find it nicest to display the output using HTML INS and DEL tags, which could then be styled through CSS to give color, and produce an effect much like MS Word's revision-tracking feature (see a crude mockup at http://drupal.org/files/issues/revisions_mockup3c.png ). The HTML title tag works on INS and DEL as well as on font, so the font tag would be supluous. I can seen that you aren't using font to generate a font change, I'd still prefer not have it in my HTML output (I'm a pedant on HTML!).

My final suggestion is that each title tag for INS or DEL should display the revision details, e.g. title="revision #4 revised by clairem on 21 Jan 2005 - 12:34"

Again, congrats on your great work. Hope this helps!

How to install?

I've uploaded and installed the module, I've enabled it in the modules palette. I get the revisions tab, but I don't get any marked up content. Am I missing a step.

I've been testing it on firefox mac, would that make a difference?

Thanks for any help