RedBack gateway for php

Since LCA when I went to a session with Rasmus Lerdorf (The creator of PHP) and showed some really cool things with php5 objects, I have been busy in my spare time creating the redback gateway for php.

At this stage it only works through the rgw cgi gateway. But it will work with librbo some day as well. This will mean that it will be as deployable as possible, and the only php extension that you require is the socket interface.

Now as I suspected and the method that I implemented the handling of multi values it just works. I is some much easier to use that the asp or jsp gateways.

The method that the properties and methods are exposed to php it looks like a native object. So in asp it would be accessed like so.

rbo("EmpId").value = '1002'

and in jsp like this.

rbo->setproperty('EmpId', '1002');

but in php it is like this.

$rbo->EmplId = 1002;

This is really cool. The supprising thing is that I think it is faster the the asp gateway even though I am just

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