The silly season is almost over

Well, we have just about made it though the silly season. I know that here in Melbourne we have been having some strange weather. On New Years eve it is 42 degrees and really sunny. On New Years Day it was 24 and raining.

On New Years Eve as it was so hot we went around to a friends place to go swimming. Sam really amazed us. Being only 2 we thought that we would really need to hold on to her. Even with the swimming vest that gives a little floatation but from what I could see not quite enough to keep her up. Well it actually didn't take her long and she had worked out how to gog paddle and pretty much keep herself above water. We then got both Xander and Sam a much big floating toy each and they we both off around the pool.

Well only a couple of days left until I finish at my current job, and I am really looking forward to it. I am hoping that I can contribute a lot more to Drupal core and maybe even have enough money that I can go to the Drupal conderence later this year.