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I was surfing about the web to a couple of sites that I visit, and it went to which had a cool feature on his wordpress site. He had just linked in a cool js image viewer called lightbox js which is really great.

So basically I wanted. So I hacked up my theme a little and without changing any of the image code I added to my themes template.php and just included the code, and it all worked.

Take a look at my image galleries and click on the thumbnail. It just pops up without leaving the page.

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How do you change the link to include the "rel" attribute?

I'm working on a theme for the upcoming 4.7 release and I really tricked out the image galleries and now all I have to do is change the link for the <img> and <h3> tags so that I can use lightbox.js too. Would you mind sharing how you added the "rel" attributes in the link. I think the default code looka like this. How do they appear in yours?
$content .= l(image_display($image, 'thumbnail'), 'node/'.$image->nid, array(), NULL, NULL, FALSE, TRUE);

$content .= '<h3>'.l($image->title, 'node/'.$image->nid).""."\n";