<rant>Stargate SG1</rant>

Stargate SG1 is one of my favorite tv shows at the moment. Here in Melbourne because the Victorians just love their sport SG1 is always the first thing to get dumped, and as it is Scifi (even main stream Scifi like SG1) it just gets kicked around, put on later and later at night, and even just take off in the middle of the season.

ATM we are in the middle of season 6, since earlier in the year they just showed the first couple of episodes and then just dumped it. Even South Australia are in season 7, and they are suppose to be 20 years behind Victoria. They have just brought it back on at 10:30pm wednesday and thursday which sucks.

I have been purchasing SG1 since I have been able to get it on VHS, so I have a fairly large collection and because they will not release the VHS ahead of the tv, I only have to the start of season 6.

Now I could do the bad thing and download them from the net, which will not impact the amount of money that they are going to get from me, as I am still going to buy the VHS, and maybe someday I will replace all the VHS with DVD. (I would get the DVD now, except it is even further behind.) Then I will get sent C&D orders from the MPAA, who in all fairness are just trying to protect their members property.

Unforcantly the MPAA has just way to much money, and don't care about looking at better methods for the members to make more money, they just want keep the status-quo, even though in my case the it is the fault of the members licencee stuffing me around all the time with my favority program so this makes me want to bad things because seven are just next to useless when it comes to showing Scifi.

So what does the mean for Stargate Alantis, Do I have to wait another 18 months before they show it on tv, before I can even buy it. I just wish Seven would get their act together.