web development would be so much easier if...

Over the past couple of days I have been doing some web development for a client. One of the clients requests was that they wanted the development done in xhtml and css. Now I thought this was fine, and as I had had a bit of experience, and really wanted to broaden my knowledge I agreed.

Since I have had to learn alot more about xhtml and css that what I need to know for drupal, I can definately see why following this w3c standard is a great thing. With a little bit of knowledge I was able to produce a page that looked good in any browser. This was fine, and I proceeded to build the pages. Until I ran into a lovely IE bug involving a <ul>

I spent most of today trying to work out how to get this to work, and pulling apart alot of web pages to work out why it wasn't working. In the end for some reason that is completely beyond me I found that I needed to wrap the <ul> in 3 embedded <div>'s. "What The?"

All I know is that the person who coded this must have been smoking some wicked shit.