Xander had a smashing time at Eden on the Park

Last Friday Xander had a little accident while Sarah and the kids were visiting Sarah's parents. Xander leaned on a glass table and it smashed cutting his hand.

Sarah then had to take him to the hospital to get it looked at, and most likely some stitches. Well Eden on the Park gave Sarah and Xander a lift to the Afred in nothing else but the best. A Rolls Royce.

Once at the Alfred they basically said Eek a child, cleaned the cut and sent us to the Royal Childrens hospital. While in the car in peak hour traffic, Xander decided that he didn't want the bandage on any more and removed it all. this was then followed by "Ouch", "Oucch".

Once at the hospital Xander then didn't like this waiting a started playing a rough as usual, and wanted to play on the slide. Well Sarah had only done a quick wrap to get it back together so it wasn't really going to stand up too well.

When it was our turn Xander just sat there like a little angel and did exactly what he was told. I still couldn't beleive that we had not even had a single tear, and the most I had heard from hime was ouch. The great thing was that we didn't need to get stitches, but instead they used some skin glue, and some steri strips. much easier. This was then followed by plaster back board up his arm and alot of bandages to imobilise his hand so that it will keep the cut together.

Now Xander has to keep this on for a week. Just about as soon as we got home the imortal words came out of his mouth. "Take it Off!" We managed to survive until Sunday morning when he got it off in one peice. I then had to disassemble the bandages and plaster and put it back on. Only another 6 days to go before we can take it off.

I would like to thank Eden on the Park and the Royal Children's Hospital for looking after us so well.