Well I have finally done it.

After many months of resistance I finally upgraded my site to Drupal 5.

OK, it was not resistance, I just didn't have time to do it. So now I have done it and I am managed to log into my site after Dreamhost upgraded to PHP 5.2 and I then couldn't log in with 4.7+

Oh well it is done now, so I can move forward and do some cool stuff.

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One of your modules for Drupal/CiviCRM integration

Hi Gordon,

I was directed your way after inquiries about how to sync up the CiviCRM membership types and associated Drupal roles. I was shown this script and informed it didn't function in Drupal 5 yet...what would it take to get it working? I just thought that since you've had almost 3 weeks in Drupal 5 now... ;)

(Also, how exactly does it work -- does it require a cron job or does it just work with hooks somehow? You can tell I'm a little bit of a rookie here.)