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Heydon Consulting

After a few years of working, and contributing I now offer services to companies who wish to run drupal as a Content Management System.

Heydon Consulting is now offering full consulting services to plan out and implement drupal within their organisation. Providing them with all the tools, and help to create a professional internet or intranet site. These services extend to complete installation, maintenance, and updating to take full advantage of one of the best Content Management System available.

With our experience with software developement, Heydon Consulting can also customise drupal to meet any of your required needs. This will allow your business to extend drupal to allow for a centralised hub of knowledge, and also allow for other tasks to be completed.


I have been working with drupal and creating modules since Q3 2002. Not only have I created modules such as htmlarea, and a complete re-write of the filestore module that I currently maintain. I have also contributed a number of additions to the core of drupal, such as the textarea hook, and additions to the nodeapi to allow files to be uploaded.

I have also created a lot of smaller modules to allow other projects to be used with drupal, such as navtree which is used to create a dhtml navigation using the phplayersmenu. These are small modules that I have release independant of the drupal project, but still under the GPL licence and given enough interest will be included into the drupal contributions.

I have also contributed heavily to the image module to allow the storing of multiple resolutions and image manipulation backends for php_imlib2 to allow faster manipulation of images.


  • drupal site maintenace.
    • Installation
    • Upgrades
    • General maintenance
  • development or customisation of drupal modules to allow drupal to fit within your buiness.
  • Javascript plugin development for interaction with both drupal and htmlarea.
  • General php/mysql development.


Heydon consulting is proud to work with and contribute to open source projects such as drupal, and others like linux. All development is done with open source tools, and on open source platforms.

This is a testament to the high quality of the open source products and community, and I will do what I can to give back by contributing the development done back to the open source community.


For more information please contact me by email

[email protected]