Drupal 4.7 Released.

Drupal 4.7 Released!

This has been a heroic effort by everyone, and this is the Greatest version of Drupal yet. This release has had the most changes every for any release, and the most contributors.

So where does this leave E-Commerce. Well as I have said since I took over the maintenance that I (we) would be aiming to release E-Commerce 1 month after 4.7 was released. So now the the timer is ticking, and we should have a release by June 1.

This is quite approprate that today before 4.7 was released I posted to the E-Commerce group a request for ideas on what people would like to see in 4.8. Go and see http://groups.drupal.org/node/248 to see what has been added, and add more to it.

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